Eagan Quaychoche

From Circle Of The Crone

Character Name: Eagan Quaychoche

Clan: Gangrel (Status 1)

Location: Mount Pleasant, MI




As the result of mumification during his most recent torpor, Eagan appears to be a gaunt, wrinkled man in his late 50's. As time has gone by since his torpor he has gradually been filling out and aging in reverse. Eagan formerly appeared to be in his late twenties. This was because he was in good physical condition from hard labor in prison and his skin was dark even for an Indian, thus he appeared younger than the 33 mortal years he had lived before his embrace.


1874 While Eagan was mortal and in Prison yearning for freedom, the Circle of the Crone had Eagan perform rituals that groomed him for taking on the form of an eagle after his embrace.

1880 Embraced in the midst of rituals specifically to become an eagle messenger for the Circle of the Crone

1880-1900 Indentured to the Circle elders as a messenger in exchange for embracing him out of prison.

1905 Began to spend more time in Mount Pleasant, MI and less time traveling

1929-1940 Planned Torpor (Sororities illegal in US + stock market crash)

1989-2004 Accidental Torpor

Known Ties

Eagan has a recent childe named Justine Martin. She is a member of the Ordo Dracul

Belief System

Eagan was originally a member of the Anishinabek tribe in the Mount Pleasant area. Anishinabek beliefs are seminal to his belief system but a great deal of additional primarily Native American beliefs and traditions have been added to his original beliefs as a result of enjoying travel. Eagan has attended Native American religious events all over the country throughout his requiem. In addition he has been influenced by Wiccan practices.

Rumors and Stories

If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Eagan Quaychoche, feel free to post them here.

  • Eagan did not die 15 years ago but was actually put into torpor as the result of a magical experiment that combined Animalism 4 and cruac. He spent 15 years in torpor while his consciousness was unwittingly trapped as a mortal owl.
  • Eagan was mummified while in torpor and is a gaunt, wizened version of his former self.
  • When Eagan awakened from torpor he remembered Spiral Legato, Christoff, and Brother Abraham, all of the Ordo Dracul but he had never met most of the then current members of the Circle of the Crone in Mount Pleasant, MI. This caused some confusion as to what covenant he had been a member of before torpor had destroyed his intellect.
  • Eagan is the wolf mascot of a sorority connected with Central Michigan University and The Central Michigan University Law School.
  • Eagan believes kindred have a strong tendency towards arrogance and actively engages in activities that humble him.
  • Eagan recently sired a child when one of his mortal friends was shot through the heart by a morbus of Belial's brood.

Looking For

Background ties to characters all over the world and particularly in the continental United States, Canada and Mexico. Eagan was an Eagle messenger for the Circle of the Crone. He traveled constantly during his early years between 1880 and 1905 before telephones and railroads reached most every major area within the United States. Eagan has also served as a currier, and an Indian guide for traveling members of the Circle of the Crone. Because he is a master of avian forms and has never attained appreciable blood potency, Eagan feeds easily from small game animals. He is thus an ideal source of vitae for traveling Crone elders of high blood potency who are familiar with the Willful Vitae ritual.

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